The Production

Our products are made by hand using the latest generation machinery, entirely made of steel. This ensures that our products are full of goodness and are typical of our local traditions. The whole process is in full compliance with the health and hygiene standards using the self checking HACCP system, Tracking, and Traceability. Our Products are made from fresh milk collected and processed within the same day so as to ensure maximum freshness.

Our High Quality milk is collected daily from free grazing, controlled herds in the Iblea area.

Our company only uses Highuality milk and produces cheeses using cow’s and goat’s milk. There are different types of cheese such as pressed, spun, soft, and moldy rind, Mozzarella, fresh and salted Ricotta, as well as historical products like the Ibleo “Cosacavaddu” and the Sicilian “Canestrato”.

Mongibella offers a wide range of cheeses such as Tuma, primosale which can also be flavored Provola or Ibleo Cosacavaddu, soft or moldyrind and seasoned cheeses.

The training and continuous professional development received by our staff, together with the female run management, ensure that we obtain our goal which is to supply high quality, genuine products following local traditions.

We protect our territory, our traditions and above all our 100% Italian products.